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  Everyone who has walked past a nail salon is familiar with the harmful odors of acrylic nails, varnishes, and solvents. Clients with manicures and pedicures endure the smell temporarily, but manicures that inhale these evaporating chemicals for hours are subject to health risks. At Nail Care, we eliminated the odor and used minor chemical products to make your visit pleasantly healthy and welcoming. That is the difference in our salon's uniqueness because we do not provide Acrylic Services or fake nails. Instead, we chose natural nails over acrylics because we work in a healthy atmosphere and have purely breathed in the environment. So, you are safe with our salon for not using those toxins chemicals. Many people consider cosmetics a relatively safe profession, but it is not. We found that exposures to aromatic hydrocarbons like benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes – collectively referred to as BTEX – resembled those previously reported in studies of petroleum refinery workers and auto garage technicians.


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At Nail Care, we carefully choose the best and high-quality products to serve you to have your peaceful mind when you visit our salon. No hands soak for your manicures because we use instant cuticle removal to remove the extra skin around the cuticle. 

The service provides your choices of different types of manicures and pedicures. Gel extension and Dip powder. Waxing. Services are can be manicured and pedicured done simultaneously at the same time if we have a technician available. We use individually lined whirlpool spa chairs—disposable liner for single use.

 How I Got Started

As my career continues as a nail tech, I want to educate and provide my clients with the most effective and appropriate products, competency, and trust. As a former nurse, my experienced and skill will guide me to be my clients' professional in helping them know which products are the best for their nails.

Before cosmetology school, I heard about acrylic products. I knew the products were harsh chemicals, so I decided to stay out of acrylic products. Instead, I was interested in gel nails to protect my client's nails for not damage from the products. I was opening a salon for nine years now for only doing natural nails.

However, in today's trending and nail industries, new gel nail extension products, and dipping powder are introduced. So, people are more interested in the latest products, and I seemed to get them because it is new and people wanted to try them out. However, they all seemed to have this confidence and demeanor that demands respect and asked if I am doing these new trending products. So, I decided to have it as an option for those who need it.


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