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Your hands are the most used part of your body, and it's essential to treat them well. In addition, your feet touch the ground every time you stand, walk, or run, and these are leg extensions that help you get around, but your feet are way beyond that. After all, they are the basis of your body, which means maintaining your feet healthy can help you stay healthy.

Natural $17

This service Included Nail-clipping, shaping, cuticle maintenance, cuticle oil with buffering, moisturizing massage warm triple-rich Aloe Vera lotion (oh so good!). Finishing Polish of your choice to perfect

Honey & Milk $25

Classic treatment Included. Washing your hands & arm with warm, calming Milk and salt to soften & moisturize dry skin in soothing, hydrating properties, then milk & honey salt scrub will exfoliate your skin. Next, a honey mask coats the arms, then wrapped in warm towels. It is all finished with a whipped butter crème milk & honey lotion massage. Delicious! Your favorite nail polish of choice.

Peppermint or Lavender $30

Our best manicure type is designed to focus specifically on the care for stuffing and aching, including an extended massage with reflexology using Peppermint lotion. First, salt scrub exfoliates dry skin, leaving arms, elbows, and hands silky smooth. Next, peppermint mask wrapped in a hot towel, then warm paraffin treatment, apply to increase blood circulation and joint mobility it will leave you tingling & calm in your seat. The finale of this is your polish of choice.

Rescue Hot Stone $40

In this treatment, we focus on meticulous cuticle detail oil with buffing. Next, we are starting cucumber scrub exfoliation followed by a therapeutic paraffin wax treat to restore moisture into the nails & cuticles. Then, hot stone applies to a relaxing extended reflexology style pressure points to hand massage with cucumber lotion. In addition, the cucumber mask wraps with a warm towel. Finally, a nail growth stimulator will be applied before polishing to regain strength in the nails. Let us assure you that we get you started on a new journey to healthy and beautiful hands.


A pedicure is a treat for your feet that removes dead skin, softens hard skin, and shapes and treats your toenails. Good foot treatment is paradise, but pedicure techniques can vary from the type of nail polish to massage, so it's critical to find the proper pedicure for you.

Kids Pedicure $23 kids Manicure $12

This service Included Nail-clipping, shaping, cuticle maintenance, cuticle oil with buffering, moisturizing massage warm triple-rich Aloe Vera lotion (oh so good!). Finishing Polish of your choice to perfect

Natural $28

For a busy clientele that still wants to look good on pedicures without all the time and fuss? Nails are clipping, filing, shaping, cuticle trim maintenance, cuticle oil & buffering—callus work. Your legs & soles absorb with a luxurious moisturizing of Triple Aloe Vera lanolin lotion with a calves & foot massage (oh so good!) warm towel is the final step to relaxing and relieving your achy feet. Shiny Buff or Polish of your choice to perfection.

Honey & Milk $35

Heals dry skin on legs or soles? Try our ultra-moisturizing pedicure! Your feet will be soaking in a Milky foot bath. Next, we start step-by-step to maintain your nails. First, Callus Remover is applied to rough & dry heel if necessary. Next, Sugar Honey & Milk Scrub rub to exfoliate the dead skin gently on legs and soles. Next, Honey & Milk Buttercreams for legs & foot massage. Finally, the Honey & Milk organic mask is applied to the legs with warm towels. Grab your favorite color.

Peppermint or Lavender $40

Peppermint Pedicure stimulates circulation and temporarily relieves your sore muscles and joints. This service includes callous treats to repair and nourish cracked soles and soothe the pain, reddened area, or damaged skin. Next, an intense exfoliation by peppermint salt scrub & peppermint mask for calves with a hot towel wrapped plus warm paraffin treats on your soles. We finish off this pedicure with a beautiful, soothing peppermint lotion massage. Finally, you are finishing with your favorite color.

Rescue Hot Stone $50

This type of pedicure you are longing for is the perfect pedicure for the ultimate foot treatment repair of the dry heel, including Callus treatment, thorough organic scrub exfoliation, followed by a Warm Paraffin treat. Next, five minutes of Hot stone with a relaxing extended reflexology style pressure points to foot/legs massage cucumber lotion. You are now finishing with a cucumber mask applied with a warm towel wrap. Finally, your pedicure is polished to perfection or buffed to a glossy shine. 

Nail extra


Remove previous GEL/NEXGEN $5. ACRYLIC $10

Gel/Shellac/Nexgen Removal Only/ With cut+file $10/$15

French/Gel $5/French Dip $10/Ombré $15

Polish Change Hands/Toes $12/$13

Cut, file, and polish.


Kids Polish Change hands/toes $8/$10

The design will be charged 2-Stamping $5

Gel/Shellac Polish Change only hands $20 toes $25.  Cut, file, polish.

Gel/Shellac added for hands/toes $15/$15 


Nail fix without tips $2. 

With an extensions tips of $3 per nail

Kid under 5 years old hands/toes $5/$5

Cut, file, polish

Design artwork $5/$10/$15+

charge by fingers/toes $2.50 each


Massage is provided to improve blood and lymphatic flow to decrease muscle tension or flaccidity. In addition, it affects the nervous system through stimulation or sedation and improves healing tissue. Therapeutic massage may be recommended for adults to offer numerous benefits to the health of our bodies.

One Minute=$1

Add a minimum of 10 minutes to any services.

Foot Massage Only

For 1 hour including soak+hot stone+oil =$60

NEW ------NEW-----NEW




Organic Aloe Vera Manicure $35

Our organic Aloe Vera manicure includes special aromatherapy products with natural treatment. Sugar scrub and Paraffin treatment. Hot towel wrapped with the mask. Warm lotion massage and your choice of polish.

Jelly Spa Organic Aloe Vera Pedicure $45

Jelly- Relieve your stress and aching muscles while exfoliating and hydrating dry skin and cracked heels with organic Jelly products. Water soak with Jelly scrubs. Sea salt washes, sugar scrub rinse, and mask with a warm towel. Lotion with massage and polish of choice.

Nail Polish

Our Guidelines:

All technicians are licensed and personally trained by me. Therefore, we do not assign them per the customer's request. Please seek to talk with me directly if there is an issue. Thank you so much for being so understanding.

Many Brands and Colors


Dipping Powder: OPI,SNS, CHISEL, AMG...........

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Waxing isn't just about hair removal. It is also involved a skincare product applied. Our fast and efficient waxing services will keep your skin hairless and fabulously smooth. However, if you take Retin A or Acutane or have a facial done within 24 hours, I encourage you to postpone the waxing services because it will burn your skin; we cannot be performing within that time frame. In addition, skincare products that contain glycolic acids or alpha hydroxy acids must be discontinued 3-5 days before the waxing service.

Eyebrows $10

Upper Lip $8

Chin $10

Sideburns/ cheek $10

Whole face $35

Underarms $20

Half arms $30

Half Legs $35

Back $40

Chest $30



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